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Andrew Rasetti
Duke University

If you are looking to push yourself and develop your professional skills in an applied setting, then Career Semester could be a great fit for you. The format of the program was really effective, as it allowed me to ground my knowledge in theory and then test myself in an applied setting. It feels amazing to know that the work I have done has made a real difference for the company I am working with.

Gabriela Silguero
Rutgers University

Career Semester is like nothing I have ever experienced before. You not only learn lifelong skills, but you connect and interact with students and teachers that will give you insight to more than just what you are learning in the classroom. If you want to try something unique and out of your comfort zone, this program is a great way to do so.

Donald Cooper
University of Virginia

If I could describe Career Semester in one word, it would be this: Empowering. The experience you will take away from your coursework and your internship is really unlike any college course or internship I've had before. Not only will you learn relevant industry techniques that will help you standout in the job market, but you also have entire network and community of support helping you be the best version of yourself. By the end of the program, you feel accomplished, competitive, and hungry for more.

Jordan DeCade
Luther College

Absolutely amazing. I have learned more and felt more opportunity in these past weeks than I have in many years. At Career Semester, I am constantly applying what I'm learning to real things that matter to me.

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