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Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing Online
Course & Internship

Tools to build an online following—for your own personal brand or your company's.
For any major. No experience required.
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Upcoming dates
Spring 2021
Jan 25 - Apr 16

Digital is always in demand.

Today's digital marketers work at the intersection of creativity, planning, and technology. Not only do they create tech-driven marketing strategies, but – because of their ability to glean insights from real-time data – they also help drive business and product innovation. Digital marketing can be incredibly useful in a wide variety of careers. From business and entrepreneurship, to journalism and advertising, the digital marketing skill set will teach you how to effectively channel your message online using modern tools and best practices.

Diana Matei, Digital Marketing Alum
Student at Miami University
"This is the education you didn't even realize you needed. The amount of industry level learning you do is beyond anything you would get in a standard classroom setting."

Our alumni across our courses have gone on to work at

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

Career Semester classes prepare you to create real-world value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
Market analysis
Identification of key audiences, segmentation within the market, target personas with a customer empathy map.
Channels & tracking
The role of digital channels such as broadcast, direct, & social. Measure the impact of your campaigns with a suite of attribution tools.
Financial modeling
Analyze key metrics like return on investment (ROI), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and lifetime value (LTV).
Ad bidding & auction
Click bidding, bid management, and budgeting—how to outmaneuver your competition. Learn the basics of Google Analytics to measure your campaign performance.
Brand & Social Media
Create a social ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Produce a strategy that outlines key messaging, content mapping, distribution, and measurement.
Improve the search discoverability of your brand and products with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and tactics.

Then apply your new skills in an internship.

See how past students have created huge value in just four weeks.

Note that our partner companies and projects may change from year to year.


Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

A Cape Town-based data analytics company that uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers.

Edge Growth

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

A capital fund with $100M under management, targeting investment into the SME sector and focused on creating impact in South Africa.


Based in Berlin. Tap to learn more.

Next Big Thing is an Internet of Thing (IoT) company, offering a complete framework for the acceleration of IoT ventures.


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Meet your teacher, mentor, friend.

All of our teachers have backgrounds in both academia and industry, so they can teach you solid fundamentals and how to apply your knowledge.
Dave Duarte
Founder, Treeshake & World Economic Forum Global Leader

Digital Marketing is becoming absolutely ubiquitous, and so experience design is emerging as the organizing discipline of the field. It’s becoming both more technical and more creative. So for example, we need amazing design and storytelling that is powered by data. AI is having a massive impact on all of this, as we’ll demonstrate on the course.

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Join a global network of exceptional students.

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Maddie Devost
UVA Class of 2023

I had no idea what digital marketing even meant at the beginning of this course, and now I am performing backlink and site audits for Accenture and feel like I have gained a wealth of information that I plan on using in my work for my company, OODA Loop. I would not offer to do SEM/SEO for this company if I did not feel confident on the topic.

John Holcomb
Furnam University Class of 2020

This program has helped me grow to be a great digital marketer even within a few weeks. I am confident in my abilities within this field and I owe it all to them.

Isabelle Toutounji
Georgetown University Class of 2021

The course is as intense as a college course, and gives a lot of concrete, actionable knowledge in the field. It was great to pair this knowledge with an internship matched up with you!

How Career Semester works.

First three weeks: Online course
Aligned with high-growth industries to improve your career prospects.
6-10 hours / week commitment.
Sets you up to create value during your internship.
Next nine weeks: Online internship
Guaranteed placement at a company abroad.
8-12 hours / week commitment.
Additional classes throughout to learn more material.
Add on 3 college credits

You can elect to add on a for-credit module to your program, and earn 3 credits. Request more information about this from an Admissions Advisor. Credit transfer depends on your university policies.

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We're committed to improving access to education.

We offer need-based financial aid and scholarships to enable access to our programs.

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Dates and deadlines.

Program dates

January 25 - April 16, 2021.

You'll participate in your online course and internship during the week at a schedule that is manageable with your existing college workload.

Application deadlines  

October 22 - Early Decision: Highest chance of admission. Also the due date for the Accelerator Scholarship application.

November 24 - Second Decision: Most of the remaining place are filled during this application deadline. Admissions is more competitive than the Early Decision deadline.

January 7 - Final Deadline: Applications assessed for remaining places to courses that still have space. Admissions is competitive in this phase.

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