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Spring 2021
Jan 25 - Apr 16

What's the difference between failing ideas and wildly successful companies?

The answer lies in effective entrepreneurship. Learn how to discern between ideas that are ineffective and ideas that have a real business opportunity. Through hands-on testing and validation outside of the classroom with real-life potential customers and clients, you will discover how to answer the questions "Should my product/service be built?" and, "How can I build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?"

Chris Huang, Alumni 2018
Founded successful startup, Better Nature
"The program laid down the foundation for me to get a place as a Summer Business Analyst at the McKinsey London office, where I was selected to join a cohort of 12 from over 7,000 applicants. But, rather than playing it safe, I decided to start Better Nature, and truly believe in what I do every day."

Our Entrepreneurship alumni have gone on to work at

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

Career Semester classes prepare you to create real-world value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
Principles, concepts and business opportunities, value creation and/or problem solving skills and techniques.
Evaluate an Idea
Understand the needs of customers and clients, assess the potential size of an addressable market.
Validate by Experimenting
Actively test the business model, product and/or service with prospective customers.
Financial Tools
Tools of financial management such as accounting software, payroll and inventory management tools and cash flow analysis.
Principles of Lean Startup
Scientific approach to creating and managing startups, successfully provide a product to customers quickly and efficiently.
Conceptualize a future-focused approach which encourages resilient and sustainable growth and scaling for a business model.

Then apply your new skills in an internship.

See how past students have created huge value in just a few weeks.

Note that our partner companies and projects may change from year to year.

Sealand Gear

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

A Cape Town-based apparel manufacturer, Sealand focuses on handmade, upcycled, eco outdoor bags and accessories.

Impulse Biomedical

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

Innovation is especially impactful in the healthcare space, and Impulse Biomedical is a key driver of progress from an African perspective.


Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

UCOOK is a meal kit delivery service showcasing a weekly menu of nine meals divided into three categories, making cooking beautiful and easy.

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Saloni Gandhi
Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2023

Taking part in this program really exposed me to the parts of the industry/work process that aren’t really obvious. Being able to visualize/apply the techniques and processes we learned was a crucial thing that I really liked about the course. The amount of feedback and advice you get is very valuable.

Rohan Barad
University of Michigan Class of 2023

The program and teaching team taught me how to learn actionable lessons and use it. Then, walk out with the confidence to start something yourself.

Nupur Chhacchi
Emory University Class of 2022

The program gave me not only a vast amount of knowledge but also the tools to conduct myself professionally. I learned concepts, but more importantly I learned how to communicate and work with other people in a new environment.

Adam Hurwitz
University of Virginia Class of 2022

I think it's so important to teach people how to maximize the opportunity for success in a new venture. During the program I learned an enormous amount of new material, all of which I feel has made me a better and more marketable worker and is directly relevant to my career path.

Caroline Oudet
Wake Forest University Class of 2022

I was able to gain incredible skills through the program! Working remotely, I learned really important time management and prioritization skills that I believe will be so valuable to my future student and professional experiences.

How Career Semester works.

First four weeks: Online course
Learn from industry experts in small, live seminars.
Monday & Wednesday, 10pm-midnight EST.
Catch-up classes & recordings in case you miss.
Sets you up to create value in your internship.
Next eight weeks: Online internship
Guaranteed placement at an impressive company.
9 hours / week average commitment, with a flexible work schedule.
Additional classes & teacher support so you keep learning.

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Program dates

January 25 - April 16, 2021.

You'll participate in your online course and internship during the week at a schedule that is manageable with your existing college workload.

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Final deadline: January 7

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