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Machine Learning
Online Course & Internship

Machine Learning Online
Course & Internship

Tap into the power of data and transform the way we experience the world.
For any major. Pre-reqs: iX Data Science course, Stats 101, or similar
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Upcoming dates
Spring 2021
Jan 25 - Apr 16

Learn the skill set behind the world’s most powerful AI.

Machine learning is the science that powers search engines, recommendation systems in streaming apps, social media feeds, and more. It’s a complex and constantly evolving field, but essentially it boils down to this: machine learning is the study of how computer systems can evolve and improve independently based on experience. This process relies on immense quantities of data, which is why machine learning is often considered a subset of data science. Considering the power of data in today’s market, it’s no surprise that global businesses are practically falling over each other to hire individuals with machine learning expertise.

Gates Cao, Alum 2018
Now working as a Data Product Analyst at YipitData
"I can't believe the amount of knowledge and skills I've acquired during the program. I worked hard on the exercises and projects not to get good grades, but because I was inspired and eager to dive into the materials. I'm confident that the data driven skills I learned will open up lots of opportunities that I didn't think of before."

Our Machine Learning alumni have gone on to work at

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

Career Semester classes prepare you to create real-world value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
Data Science Toolkit
Python and data science libraries such as pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, and pytorch.
Industry Tools
Development tools used in industry, including git, Jupyter Lab, and celery.
Machine Learning Models
Build and evaluate impactful machine learning models using classical statistical approaches.
Machine Learning Pipeline
Data curation, model training at scale, and model deployment.
Social Impact
Understand the impact that data science and machine learning have on people and society.
Data Evaluation
Select and apply existing tools to evaluate algorithmic bias and fairness.
Course pre-reqs: iX Data Science course, Stats 101, or similar.

Then apply your new skills in an internship.

See how past students have created huge value in just a few weeks.

Note that our partner companies and projects may change from year to year.

Elucidate AI

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

Launched in 2018, Elucidate AI focuses its efforts on making AI accessible in the business world, implementing solutions in 4 continents.

Ashanti AI

Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

A proudly black-owned and run data science consultancy firm, Ashanti AI is leading the way in African tech solutions for the whole world.


Based in Cape Town. Tap to learn more.

Co-libry provides AI solutions for portals that want to improve their user experience, get better conversion rates and activate new revenue sources.

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Emily Kruse
McIntire School of Commerce Class of 2022

The program exceeded my expectations for any sort of classroom experience. We were learning extremely relevant and cutting edge information, but without using textbooks or exams! It was extremely hands on and fast-pasted helping me develop as a potential employee and student.

Harish Vatsen
London School of Economics Class of 2021

The intensive classes, combined with the enriching internship, truly allowed me to push my boundaries and learn as much as possible within such a short period of time. As someone who had close to zero experience in coding or programming, this accelerated course gave me a solid foundation in data science and certainly set me up for future forays into the field.

Claire Adair
Princeton Class of 2019

Thanks to our professor and TA, whose data science expertise was matched both by pedagogical ability and engagement, my classmates and I have not only strengthened our coding skills, but earned a contextual understanding of how big data analysis can inform the guidance of major systems and reveal otherwise overlooked patterns.

Kyle Mettler
University of Notre Dame Class of 2021

The program is geared toward teaching a breadth of practical, industry-relevant tools, and I believe I will apply the skills I’ve learned over the past weeks for many years to come. The unwavering support of the teaching team allowed me to learn much faster than I expected.

Yash Tekriwal
University of Virginia Class of 2018

The program defined my current career prospects. After completing the course I’m a couple of steps further in the search for meaning through data. What their data driven courses teach is more than just technical skills, it's a way of thinking. Being embedded in a course environment like this one helped me broaden my horizons intellectually.

How Career Semester works.

First four weeks: Online course
Learn from industry experts in small, live seminars.
Monday & Wednesday, 10pm-midnight EST.
Catch-up classes & recordings in case you miss.
Sets you up to create value in your internship.
Next eight weeks: Online internship
Guaranteed placement at an impressive company.
9 hours / week average commitment, with a flexible work schedule.
Additional classes & teacher support so you keep learning.

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Program dates

January 25 - April 16, 2021.

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Final deadline: January 7

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Machine Learning is full for Spring 2021.

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