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Expand upon your students’ career opportunities and tap into new, fast-moving trends in Higher Education.

Career Semester is an innovative, remote skills-training program for students of all majors, designed to accelerate students' careers in a rapidly changing job landscape.

The perfect addition to your students' semester.

Career Semester is a first-of-its-kind online program that enables students to gain crucial 21st-century professional skills as well as internship experience. The program is designed to be a supplement to a student’s college semester, providing them with additional skills, work experience, and support to enhance their future career options. During the semester-long program, students engage in a live skill-based course that is then followed by an international internship with ongoing support from course instructors.

For the skills-based portion of our program, we recruit industry experts with a deep academic background who bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. Our course content focuses on skills of the future: data science, finance, design, and coding. Students learn both the theoretical foundations of these disciplines, as well as the principles and tools at the forefront of these fields.

Carroll College serves as the School of Record for this program. Students may opt to undertake an additional International Internship course where deep reflection and practical assignments are integrated, and earn 3 credits on a Carroll College transcript. Academic credit is $450 for 3 credits in addition to the regular Career Semester fees.

Meet Nicola
VP of Education

Before joining Career Semester, Nicola ran a multi-million dollar education innovation investment initiative for one of South Africa's largest financial services groups. Previously, Nicola convened the MPhil in Inclusive Innovation—an interdisciplinary, research-based Masters degree that leads to the development of sustainable, social impact solutions for challenges in Africa at the University of Cape Town—where she is still Adjunct faculty.

How Career Semester creates a learning environment that prepares students for a rapidly-changing career landscape.

Program topic options

Our options are for any major, in any stage of their university experience. Career Semester prepares students to create real-world value with a few weeks of remote learning.

Data Science

Scrape, wrangle, make sense of, and present insights from big data sets.
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Management Consulting

Improve business-oriented problem-solving and prep for case interviews.
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Investment Finance

Build a diversified portfolio using different financial instruments, and learn to invest wisely.
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Digital Marketing

Tools to build an online following—for your own personal brand or your future company's.
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Web Development

Learn to code your own app ideas from scrarch, and open up new career paths.
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Internship spotlight

The global internship allows students to apply what they have learned from our industry instructors to real-world client projects. This problem-based approach enhances relevance through investigation of practical and complex challenges faced by businesses today; further enhancing students’ learning in these topic areas.
Pascha Hao

Interned at Invictus Capital (South Africa)

"Working at Invictus Capital was both challenging and exciting. I worked on a withdrawal smart contract that will ultimately allow people to interact with the blockchain in a different way. I learned so much in just a week and adjusted to the self motivated structure well."
Rohan Kerr

Interned at Feastfox (South Africa)

"Using state-of-the-art technology we had the vital responsibility of relaying consumer feedback directly to the executive team at Feastfox, helping to prioritize new features and identify opportunities for growth. The nimble and close-knit culture at Feastfox was an awesome fit!"
Camryn Okere

Interned at SoundCloud (Berlin)

"The working environment was young, driven, and collaborative. Once a week, the teams came together to share their work and see how the product and our projects progressed on a large scale. Everyone was also really concerned about us having a good experience."

How the 12-week program is structured.

Week 1-3: Online live-streamed industry-specific course to gain relevant skills in preparation for the internship
  • Class times: Tuesday and Thursday from 10pm to midnight EST. Industry-focus skills course taught in live, interactive classes. Class times designed to work with students' busy schedules. Live catch up classes and recordings available; TAs always online for support.
  • Class contact hours: 4 per week, thus 16 total
  • Out of class hours estimate: 6 per week + 12 hours of internship prep in Week 4 = 36 total

Week 4-12: Remote internship + continuous online coursework
  • Class times: Tuesday from 10pm to midnight EST
  • Class contact hours: 2 per week, thus 18 total
  • Out of class hours estimate: 3 hours of homework per week, thus 27 total; 12 hours of internship per week, thus 108 total

Throughout program: Career and Community Support
Though the program is part time, taken in conjunction with a student's usual semester, Career Semester offers all of its students continuous, daily program support. We make use of digital communications tools such as Slack and Workplace to ensure students are always in the loop, and can receive help from their peers, instructors, or TAs. In addition, we provide career readiness workshops including resume, interview, and LinkedIn prep.

In addition to the core Career Semester program, students can elect to add on a 3-credit International Internship course from our School of Record, Carroll College. Throughout the 12 weeks, there are readings and reflection pieces that prompt students to connect their skills gained during the preliminary coursework and international remote internship experiences. By the end, students will have a deep understanding of their topic in a global context, and a powerful set of skills and work experience to accelerate their careers.

More about credits from Carroll College.

Featured instructors

All of our teachers have backgrounds in both academia and industry.
Taryn Morris, Data Science Instructor
Data Scientist at Ixio Analytics

Taryn Morris holds a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as an MSc in Environmental Policy and Economics from Bard College and an MSc in Ecology from the University of the Witwatersrand. She was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Florida and a conservation manager for BirdLife South Africa. Since 2018, Dr. Morris has been a data scientist at Ixio Analytics, and continues to teach and mentor students. In her own words, Dr. Morris seeks to “unlock business and ecological answers through analysis and understanding of data.” She strives to expand and improve inclusion “of all genders, races and cultures into the wonderful world of research and data. By including original minds, we can generate original solutions to the increasing environmental, social and economic problems we face as a global community.”

Lebogang Poonyane, Management Consulting Instructor
Ex Senior Manager at McKinsey & Company, now CEO of Global Capital Empowerment

Lebogang Poonyane is Chief Executive Officer at Global Capital Empowerment Private Equity Fund, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mr. Poonyane holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, Economics and Marketing from the University of Witwatersrand and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Finance from the University of South Africa. After winning a business plan “pitch” competition, he was awarded a full scholarship by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) to complete an MBA in Entrepreneurship. He is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Business Administration degree at GIBS, focusing on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on unemployment on the African continent and what can be done about it. Mr. Poonyane’s management consulting career began at McKinsey & Company’s South Africa office, where he worked on private equity and strategy-related projects across the continent. He co-founded Global Capital Empowerment in 2016 with the mission of providing services to mid-sized businesses that need strategic direction, funding, and enhanced access to markets.

School of Record

Career Semester has partnered with Carroll College in Helena, Montana, to offer a U.S. transcript for all its course + internship programs. This experiential learning course provides academic content and guided career and professional development for undergraduate students in a real-world, professional context. It is designed for students to gain experience in a workplace setting while engaging with relevant, focused academic course content.

Students will be enrolled in SA425: International Internship and eligible for 3 academic credits. Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of written academic assignments, evidence of reflective learning, and an evaluation from your host organization supervisor. The additional cost of academic credit is $450, and includes a transcript with an A-F letter grade from Carroll College. In order to be eligible for transfer credit from Carroll College, participants must be full-time students who have completed at least 30 credit hours, or recent graduates from a bachelor degree program. Participants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Become a Career Semester affiliate partner and further your institution's goals.

Institutions who join our affiliate program receive a host of benefits.
Additional scholarships and funding opportunities
Students from official Career Semester affiliate universities and institutions receive special scholarships and funding opportunities that are not available to other students. This means more options for your students—no matter their financial background—accelerate their careers.
Smoother admissions and approval processes
You'll have special access to our Admissions Team and reporting tools to monitor your students' progress in the admissions pipeline. Your institution can also create and scale customized billing relationships and processes.
Access to our international network
We work with 100s of internship companies around the world. Becoming an affiliate means plugging into that network and being able to expand your institution's global presence quickly.
Meet Deborah Morrison
Head of Global Partnerships for Career Semester
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Abroad programs launching Fall 2021

High impact career readiness courses and internships, soon offered around the world.


Is academic credit offered for this program?

Yes! Academic credit is available through our school of record, Carroll College. Students wishing to maximize their learning and development throughout their Career Semester program are encouraged to enroll in the additional SA425: International Internship course through Carroll College for academic credit. The International Internship course is worth 3 credits and is designed to provide academic content and guided career and professional development for undergraduate students in a real-world, professional context. Transcripts will be issued by Carroll College after the program. Career Semester participants who elect to undertake the program for credit will enroll and pay the additional course fee of $450 to Career Semester, which will be added on to the Career Semester fees in the enrollment portal.

Do all the Career Semester programs include a topic-specific course and relevant internship? Can the internship be taken without the industry-focus skills course?

All Career Semester topics include both the industry-focus course and the internship component. The program is unique in the sense that it combines coursework in cutting-edge skill sets with international internship experience. Students from any major or background, without experience, can enroll in the program, learn from an industry expert, and within weeks have enough theoretical experience to apply their knowledge to an internship. We match students to bespoke internship projects that align to the course material that we teach, allowing students the best chance to add tangible, recognizable value at their host company. The course is an integral part of the program and accelerates a student's ability to create value and enhance their future job prospects. The Career Practicum for academic credit is optional.