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Our program, as described
by past students.


Jillian Shaw
University of California, Berkeley
I feel very supported. My teaching team is readily available for office hours and encourages me to ask questions when I feel confused about something. My learning experience is eye-opening and also pushes me out of my comfort zone so I can grow more.
Rawia Mosleh
New York University (NYU)
My learning experience has been most helpful so far. One of the best choices I've made this year was probably taking a part in this course since it helped me dive deeper in the field of management consulting and understand if it is a field I want to work in in the future.
Juan Leal Trevino
Northeastern University
I'm really liking the curriculum and how it covers digital marketing very holistically, giving us all of the knowledge necessary and allowing us to dive deeper into the topics that we're especially passionate about.
Winston Tang
University of Virginia
Information is always presented in a concise and precise way and the assignments are very well designed. Very fast pace but also a beneficial learning environment + useful knowledge!
Kaushik Tallam
Rutgers University
Prior to this course, I had no background in finance or accounting, but now I feel confident in not only my knowledge of finance, but my ability to apply the knowledge I have learned in a meaningful way. It would not have been possible without all the help from TAs and my teacher.


Karren Suryajaya
International Technological University (ITU)
I feel that I've grown so much since the start of the internship in both personal and professional development. Before interning at Cookie Jar, I struggled with presenting. While doing my internship, I learned to be more confident in public speaking since we had to present our findings for a task that was given. Also, I learned so much about marketing from the internship - about outreach, content planning, and more.
Andrew Dass
Rutgers University
I feel I received a lot of personal and professional development during my course and internship. This was my first internship and it taught me what it is like to work in a professional setting.
Sharon He
University of Waterloo
I felt the team made the check-in instructions very clear and gave me confidence about the structure of the proceeding weeks. Tasks for the week were also clear and they were open to any questions.


Keegan Heher
University of Richmond
The program is extremely personal and interactive and has a focus on exposing us to a lot of material and new skills. I feel the small class sizes and willingness of my teachers to get to know us outside of class has allowed me to feel like a part of the CS community.
Gabriela Silguero
Rutgers University
I have definitely grown a connection with my classmates that I did not think I would do. From talking about families and our backgrounds, connecting on social media, and to speaking on the phone with them for almost an hour, this is just another example of how incredible this program has been in making connections and building relationships with people from all over the world. The teaching team always makes me feel included and they are easy to talk to which I also admire.
Aidan Reilly
Duke University
I was glad to be able to learn remotely this semester. Career Semester exceeded my expectations as an online learning experience. I feel that students connected to a great extent given the remote circumstances. Breakout rooms, Slack, and the Zoom chat helped us address each other and connect in that way.

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